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Why Is Obama’s Vote Necklace So Special In The US

February 11th, 2021

Michelle Obama’s Vote Necklace is trending now. What is so special about this jewelry. Everyone was asking where to get this necklace. The wait is over now.

She is known for her charities and involvement in social activities and outspoken for the society. She is branded as the best FOTUS in the history of US politics.

Recently Obama’s Vote Necklace is trending in US. Twitter is flooded with messages asking for the necklace. And even, the word is trending in Google search.

What is so special about Vote Necklace?

Michelle Obama was giving her keynote address at the Democratic National Convention. She appealed the Americans to vote, not only did she say those words out loud, she also spelled them out in a necklace.

A gold necklace spelling V — O — T — E became the highlight of Obama’s speech.

Amanda Litman, Co-founder & executive director of @runforsomething was found tweeting where could she get that Necklace. She tweeted, “Someone find me Michelle Obama’s VOTE necklace immediately please, I need to wear it every day for the rest of my life.”

Amanda ordered the necklace within 3 minutes. Why is so craze over this Necklace in US? Who designed the original Michelle Obama’s Vote Necklace?

As announced by CNN, the necklace was custom-commissioned by Michelle Obama from Los Angeles-based jeweler BYCHARI. Designer Chari Cuthbert started BYCHARI in 2012. The brand also supports various social justice causes as part of its messaging.

Ever since her speech, the designer has been getting flooded with orders. As per the designer, larger one costs £295 and the smaller is £220, but if you want to make even more of a statement, you can also get a diamond studded one for £665, which has encrusted letters that can be mixed and matched with a gold necklace.

Could this be the end for Donald Trump? In her speech, Michelle Obama was blasting POTUS, Donald Trump as an incompetent president who displays an “utter lack of empathy.”

Donald Trump was also seen tweeting after the attack by Obama.

“Somebody please explain to Michelle Obama that Donald J Trump would not be here, in the beautiful White House, if it weren’t for the job done by your husband, Barack Obama,”

Whether American agreed to Obama’s allegations against Donald Trump or not, most of the viewers have accepted the VOTE necklace. They want to Vote now. Is this just another Fashion versus Politics!